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Nebuliser Vape

It’s time you break free from your respiratory restrictions. It’s time to enjoy a long day at the beach, explore a new country or take a ski trip up north. With our portable mesh nebulizer, any place is the right place. It’s a handheld nebulizer like no other.

it makes life easier by shortening inhalation times, thus allowing more freedom to enjoy life. Its ergonomic design and small number of components make it easy to use, whilst its extremely quiet operation guarantees discreet treatment.

Our Vibrating Mesh Technology Nebulizer is a perfect fit for people suffering from chronic lung conditions. Portable in size and battery powered- It can easily be used at home or on the go for Management of Asthma for Infants and Adults 


Nebulizers are divided into three categories: (1) jet nebulizers, (2) ultrasonic nebulizers, and (3) mesh nebulizers.

Jet nebulizers are bulky and require a power source, large residual volume.

Ultrasonic nebulizers cannot be used to deliver proteins or suspensions due to heating issue, large residual volumes, an inability to aerosolize viscous solutions, Mesh nebulizers using micropump technology for aerosol production. They force liquid medications through multiple apertures in a mesh or aperture plate in order to generate aerosol. As small and portable nebulizers that are powered by either battery or electricity, they have silent operation, short treatment times, increased output efficiency, and minimal residual volume , other advantages include a predominantly fine-particle fraction reaching into the peripheral lung, and the ability to nebulize in low drug volumes.

Vibrating Mesh Technology is the elite form of atomization and yields extremely consistent and ultra fast treatments. The technology consists in sieving drug particles through the mesh - membrane with holes of microscopic size. Low frequency ultrasonic vibrations are served not on the drug itself, as in traditional compact devices, but on the membrane, as if pushing the drug molecules through the micro-sieve. With this system, sprayed drug is not destroyed, because there is no direct impact on the drug molecule. This is the greatest advantage of this device in comparison with the ultrasonic nebulizers.