pain management

Chronic disorder, also called Fibromyalgia, is a painful condition which causes fatigue and muscular pain. It is more common among women, and many points in the body that act as critical points for diagnosis and can help in pain management. You might experience tenderness at that point where your neck and skull meet. You need to look for such symptoms. The chronic disorder can cause pain at the front of the neck, and the points just above the collarbone. It also causes tenderness in the elbows, near the crease and forearms. You might experience pain on the outer side of your arm.

The lower back area is that part of the body where most people experience a painful sensation. You might experience acute pain in the area where shoulder blades meet back muscles in the upper back. Apart from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia also tends to cause tenderness and pain in thighs that join the muscles of the buttock. If you feel slight pain while touching the inner side of the knee pad, it might be an indication of fibromyalgia.