High altitude training is not meant for everyone. It is usually performed by athletes who need high endurance to perform physical activities without tiring out easily. These trainings are physically demanding and must only be performed by people who are conditioned to take that level of exhaustion.

So if you think you fit the bill, then you need an Altitude Training Mask that simulates the environment of training altitude which is at least 8,000 ft above sea level.

Despite its use in the field of sports, these masks have gained immense popularity in the world of fitness due to it many benefits. This is the reason, many variations of this mask have been created to help you up your fitness game.

Wondering if you should train yourself with one of these masks? The answer lies in the benefits below!

Increases strength and power

An altitude training mask is designed in such a way that helps users increase their performance using the same principle as high intensity interval training. Performing strength training using the mask is believed to increase maximum oxygen consumption, also known as VO2 max, and also increase your physical output, at the same time decreasing the heart rate post exercise.

They strengthen your respiratory muscles

According to users of these masks, they vouch for its effectiveness in strengthening their respiratory system and diaphragm that increases its efficiency and allows them to perform more rigorous sporting activities without tiring quickly.

According to research, the altitude training masks simulate the high altitude environment that in-turns makes your respiratory muscles stronger. With an elevation training mask, your body will learn to easily complete a breath much easily and process oxygen much better. Over a period of time, it will increase your resistant to the mask and improve the intensity of your training mask workouts.

Builds physical and mental stamina

The altitude training mask will not only build physical strength but also mental stamina. It also increases control of your breathing and enhances the breathing pattern. With increased usage you will be able to enhance the capacity of your lungs, improve your cardiovascular endurance for short-intense workouts, and also increase your anaerobic threshold.

Saves you time

Another most noted benefit of using the mask is that it saves you plenty of time in cardiovascular training. With a training mask, you can cut down on your regular drill and achieve the same results with fewer exercises.

Additionally, using a training mask will also condition you to do a more intense workout in a much shorter time.

As is with any workout, using a high altitude mask should be under the guidance of a trained professional. While it has many benefits and can really work wonders in improving your endurance as well as strength, you must always seek help from experts in doing the workouts the safe way. Once you know how to use the mask, it will definitely be one of the best additions to your workout kit.