Permanent hair removal at home is now the latest trend. We all get insecure about our bodies from time to time. Insecurities are heightened when we have hair growing in unwanted areas. Hairy legs along with a semi moustache for ladies can be a horrible site to some. This is why techniques such as zapping away unwanted hair have been devised. The late 90’s saw cosmetic lasers approved by the FDA as a tool for removing unwanted hair. This brought about a trend in pop culture known as “laser hair removal” where everyone who wanted hair removal sought this service. These developments have led to people thinking till date, that every light-based hair removal technology is based on a laser. This is far from the truth.

Various Types of Laser Lights

In the laser category itself, there are a wide range of beams with various wavelengths and benefits. Knowledge of various light-based hair removal technologies will enable one to choose the best technology. This hair removal craze has led some to get the wrong information and ultimately getting treatment which is wrong for their unique hair and skin type. This can cause scarring, discolouration or burning of the skin. It is therefore very vital for people to learn the variation between laser and IPL treatments.

Laser hair removal uses a definite laser wavelength to remove the hair follicle while inhibiting new hair development. In other words, the laser emits a sharp, single beam of light that emits a definite wavelength that targets melanin present in the hair, heats the shaft, and precisely damages the hair follicle. It is difficult for the hair to grow again because of the damaged follicle. There are various types of such lasers all with different wavelengths that suit better for particular hair and skin types. For instance, the Ruby laser works best for light skin type, and fine hair people while the Nd:YAG works for an extensive range of skin tones.

The New Craze for Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is quite dissimilar from laser as it utilises high-powered light containing multiple wavelengths and not a single beam. Various light pulses are used to aim at melanin in hair follicles. The targeted melanin takes in the light in therefore damaging the melanin in the hair follicle. Intense pulsed light is appropriate for those with fair skin and dark hair, it may not be suitable for quite dark skinned people. Both intense pulsed light and laser technologies do not provide ‘forever’ permanent hair removal, it is important to note that only electrolysis is cleared for the provision of that.

This industry has grown in recent years with IPL and laser having introduced new innovations ranging from faster performance to comfort enhancement. These innovations have seen devices such as add-on equipment that allows continuous flow of cool air to the skin as well as suction technology that bring the hair follicles closer to the light source. With all these options it can be difficult to choose the ideal solution for permanent hair removal at home, but the intense pulsed light seems to be a game changer. While choosing the best IPL device for your personal use consider the best and most affordable device.