Benefit Athletes

If you are an athlete who plays sports competitively or recreationally, you may want to look into buying what is known as a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit. A TENS unit is an electronic device that interacts with your nerves throughout the body by generating an electrical current. The primary purpose of a TENS unit is to relieve pain, such as chronic pain around the body, headaches and migraines, and even signs of stress or depression. TENS machines have been around for decades treating pain in athletes, no matter if it is mild or serious.

The TENS unit is considered a technological marvel, considering that you can relieve yourself of pain without medication or any type of therapy. This is especially great for athletes who deal with nagging pains from training and competing by the day due to their commitments.

Here are all the benefits of TENS units for athletes:

Pain Management

Not only can a TENS unit manage and alleviate pain, but discomfort as well. How a TENS unit works is that you attach the unit’s pads to the area where you are suffering from pain. Once you turn the unit on, the pads activate Type A nerve fibers that are responsible for causing you to feel pain. With these nerves, signals are blocked too, and from your brain that give you these feelings of pain, so that whatever pain you feel will no longer be felt.

Massage and Blood Circulation

The low frequency of a TENS unit can also create a pulsating effect that feels soothing and relaxing to your body. What this can also do is increase your body’s circulation, more specifically, the blood flow, so that certain parts of the body receive blood faster and in the right amounts. This pulse also helps remove waste products and toxins out the body due to the rush of blood. Some athletes are not able to book themselves a traditional massage, but a TENS unit can give them a good enough massage where the body can be well circulated and flushed of any toxins.

Muscle Strength Retention

If you suffer an injury, such as to your foot or leg, the muscles in these body parts can weaken due to the inactivity that athletes go through to recover. A TENS unit however can be used to help re-educate muscles, such as hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, and more, in times where the person isn’t able to walk or run. Even if you suffer from milder injuries such as a sprained ankle, a TENS unit can benefit you by accelerating the process in which your muscles can return to a healthy shape, so that you can return to training much faster.


A TENS unit can also conduct what is called electronic muscle stimulation, which is the process of targeting a muscle to strengthen or reinforce it. The purpose of this procedure is not necessarily to make a person look buff, but rather help the treated muscles stay flexible and healthy in order to prevent injuries from physical activity. A TENS unit helps muscles relax, which means they make them less likely to tighten up in unfortunate situations.