TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is the most common type of electrotherapy used for both chronic and acute pain. TENS from Caremax can be used for all manner of body pains, and its working principle is the use of electrical current produced by its device. In this guide, we are going to discuss extensively on all that you need to know about TENS, and this includes its price, suitability, and side effects.

Relief of Pain

TENS therapy has been around for a long time. And researchers have proven that physicians and health professionals have been making use of it since 1960. Although, research work has revealed a lot about the efficiency of TENS, the most common consensus are:

  • TENS therapy has proven to be a reliable alternative to the treatment of pain without drugs and medication
  • Patients who want to avoid some of the side effects of pain relief drugs can make use of TENS
  • The effectiveness of TENS depends on the pain the patient is suffering from and also the source of the pain
  • TENS can be used alongside other types of pain relief drug for a quick treatment

Cost of TENS Device

The TENS device comes with accessories like pads, lead wires, and the charger or battery if it is not chargeable. Also the price range of the device varies, and this depends on the manufacturer. Also, you have to consider the cost of some of the replaceable accessories like purchasing the batteries and also the electrodes. You should consider the following about the cost of the TENS device:

  • Investing initially on the machine is a very good investment because it means that you can use the machine for a long period
  • You will need to replace the electrodes from time to time because they wear out after every use
  • It is also important to realise that the expensive price of a product does not mean that it is better than the other product. This is a misconception that people have about TENS machine.


For the purchase of TENS device in most regions, you may not need a prescription from the doctor or medical practitioner. However, there are serious warnings about the use of the machine that every buyer must take note of before its use. A very important one is the use of the machine for patients that have metals or electrical implants in their body, and for pregnant patients. It is advisable that these ones seek medical advice before the use of the device.

Side Effects of the Device

There isn't a peculiar trend of side effects for the use of TENS. However, most complaints as regards to the side effect are an allergic skin reaction from contact of the pads. Due to this a lot of manufacturers have started producing special pads to avoid this allergy.

You can purchase TENS device from pharmaceutical outlets, or online personal care outlets like Caremax.