There are a lot of people who need to inhale medications for different respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Over a period of time, inhaling these medications becomes really bothersome, which is why the Ultrasonic nebulizer has been introduced in the market. It turns liquid medicine into mist granules that can be directly inhaled through the respiratory tract lesions. Along with mist, a small amount of fog is produced as well, which can be directly inhaled into the bronchial tree. The sooner this treatment is absorbed, the better it is for the body. 

Check the returns policy

Prior to making the purchase, it is important to go through the manufacturer’s website and find out the returns policy. In most cases, in the event of defects in the product, customers will be able to return their products within 10-14 days for full refunds. Also remember to check the warranty period on the nebulizer.

Spend some time researching about different nebulizers in the market; do not be in a hurry to choose the first one that is visible. Much of this information can now be obtained through the Internet. One can always shortlist a few options and then get in touch with the doctor. However, one must remember not to use this device without consultation from the doctor.

Method to use the machine

Doctors generally provide guidance about the use of the machine. However, there is no need to worry since instructions will always be present within the machine package. The general instructions found inside will be on the lines of the following:

  1. The machine has to be kept on a level surface, near a power outlet
  2. Different components have to be completely clean
  3. One must not forget to wash hands before prepping the medication
  4. The premixed medication needs to be placed within the container. If it is not mixed, one must remember to mix it properly before reaching the container.
  5. The tube present here should be connected with the compressor and the container
  6. Turning on the switch will help see whether the machine is misting or not
  7. Once ready, the mouthpiece has to be secured over the nose and mouth, ensuring that air is unable to escape
  8. Take in the medicine by breathing in and out slowly, for 15 minutes
  9. Remember to keep the liquid upright in the container

Compact dimensions

Nebulizers have compact dimensions which allow them to be easily carried around in case of bronchial emergencies. They are lightweight and can be easily utilized while on the go. Simply remember to fill ordinary or distilled water inside it to produce vapor. Having it close by can be a real boon in any emergency.  

Improved immune functions

These modern devices are also able to enhance immune functions of the person who takes the medication. The devices help to clean the lungs, moisten the skins, enhance immune functions, and carry out a number of related functions.

This is a handheld machine and features cutting edge technology for improvement of those with bronchial conditions.