Experiences aches and pains all over? Looking for a relaxing neck and back massage? You are not the only one. According to the AIHW, approximately 4 million Australian suffer from neck and lower back pain every year. 


The traditional approach of booking, travelling, waiting, and paying for a short massage session is the answer for many. However, with Caremax’s range of pain-busting products (e.g., neck massager, back massager, etc.), this may become a solution of the past. Receive multiple treatments under the control of your fingertips – all within the convenience of your own home. 


Neck and back massager devices are either worn or laid on to help relieve neck pain and discomfort. Depending on the model, they provide multiple types of treatment to ease back and neck pain symptoms. They can range from a more basic traction device to a multifunctional brace with massage and heat options.  


While not a substitute for conventional treatment (e.g., physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, etc.), they can provide immediate pain relief. Additionally, they can complement these treatments by offering you the opportunity to move with more freedom and less pain. 


Neck and back massagers can be seen as drug-free options for pain relief. Stop taking pain medications, which can riddle you with many side effects (e.g., nausea, fatigue, stomach issues, etc.). All our massagers are non-invasive and do not introduce harmful chemicals into the body.


When used appropriately, massagers are safe devices that rarely have side effects (please see: “Are neck and back massagers safe?”. However, it’s always best to advise a doctor before using it, especially if you have medical conditions, pregnant (or trying to) or have implants. 


For more information about back and neck massagers, please refer to the list of our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 


What is a neck and back massager?


A neck and back massager are two different health devices used to help alleviate neck and lower back pain. Depending on the selected product, they can either be worn or rested upon to help ease pain and discomfort. Universal products, such as massage guns, can also target multiple body areas, including the neck and back regions. Each product has a different type or combination of treatments to provide the intended effect.


What does a neck and back massager do?


Caremax’s back and neck massagers offer comprehensive treatments to alleviate back and neck pain. Each massager will be in-built with a different selection of treatment options. These treatments can be applied individually or combined for maximal effect.


Each person will generally experience differing benefits from these treatments, depending on their unique body physiology and anatomy. Examples of these treatments include:




How do you use a neck and back massager?


Each neck and back massager is used differently depending on the model purchased. Always refer to the included manual to safely and effectively use the massager(s). Generally, each massager is first worn or applied to the affected area. Once secured, the settings are adjusted to ensure that either a single or multiple treatments are being delivered.  



Are neck massagers good for you?


Massage therapy has been shown to be effective in relieving neck pain. As neck massagers reproduce a similar effect, they can help ease aches and pains. However, they work best when combined with self-care regimens, such as lifestyle changes, exercise and adjusting your posture. 



What does a neck and back massager help with?


Neck and back massagers can help with multiple health problems, including:


  • Muscle spasms
  • Lower back and neck pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stiffness and tightness
  • Certain spinal conditions




Are neck and back massagers safe?


Caremax’s products have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This means that the neck and back massagers comply with all the regulatory, safety and performance requirements


Always advise a relevant health professional (e.g., doctor, physiotherapist, etc.) to determine whether these devices may help. Those who have medical implants, nerve damage, loss of sensation or are pregnant should consult their doctor before use.



How often should you use a neck and back massager?


Neck and back massagers are most effectively used before the pain becomes severe. If you notice mild tightness or tension, they can be used to prevent any symptoms from worsening. However, they can provide immediate relief if pain and discomforts increase. 


While there is no set amount of frequency or volume for the best outcome, we recommend sessions lasting no more than 20-30 minutes. This will vary depending on the condition, symptoms experienced and the chosen treatment option(s). They can be used as often as needed, permitting that the symptoms do not worsen.


Please advise your doctor before use for those with specific or multiple conditions. 



What are the benefits of a neck and back massager?


Caremax’s neck and back massagers arrive with multiple treatments which have several benefits, including:


  • Relieving neck and back pain
  • Increasing blood flow 
  • Blocking or reducing pain signals to the brain
  • Relaxing muscle tightness and tone
  • Easing tension and stiffness
  • Decompressing the spine


Additionally, these massagers are generally portable and easy to use. Enjoy your life pain-free from the comforts of your home without wasting time or effect with expensive massage therapists. 




 What are the side effects of using a massager?


When used appropriately, the side effects of massagers are minimal and rare. However, those with specific conditions (e.g., spinal disorders, nerve damage, implants, etc.) should always consider consulting their doctor before use. While uncommon, some side effects may include:


  • Skin reactions and minor burns if the intensity and duration of treatments are too high
  • Temporary numbing sensation
  • Increased soreness and swelling, which typically are temporary and do not last long
  • Numbness which usually resolves shortly


How do you choose a neck and back massager?


Caremax has an extensive range of neck and back massagers. Always do your research before selecting one of our products. Below is a checklist of factors you may consider.


  • The features of the massager(s) (e.g., heat, airbag compression, etc.)
  • What problem you are looking to treat
  • Whether you prefer devices that are either applied or wearable
  • The materials used
  • The portability and size of the massager




How much does a neck and back massager cost?


Neck and back massagers can range anywhere from $27 to $185 AUD, depending on the preferred model. You can expect unlimited massage treatments at home for the price of one or two expensive treatments with a massage therapist.   Click here to check out our stocked options.





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