Tens machines are being used by medical professionals all over the world because of its effectiveness in treating pain. These machines can purchased and used for number of therapies.

It not only helps you relieve pain but can also retrain your nerves with the help of short electric pulses.

In this article, we will learn more about the Tens Unit and why you should consider investing in a tens machine.

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is a complex process that is meant to initiate the tissue repair. However, sometimes when the body does not do its part properly, then inflammation can cause immense amount of discomfort and pain. When your muscles are inflamed and in pain, then using a tens machine can be very helpful in overcoming the issue. In fact, users suffering from lower back swear by the effectiveness of this machine in overcoming their pain without the help of medicines.

Blocks pain signals

The electric impulses sent to your muscles via this machine can work wonders in reducing pain. A tens unit is able to offer immense natural relief when used regularly. The purpose of the machine is to stimulate the release of endorphins in the body that can automatically heal the pain. The best thing about Tens is that it does not interfere with your other medications and do not have any side effects. You may not know this but a tens machine is effective because it helps block the pain signals traveling to the brain. As a result, you will ultimately be able to eliminate all pain that you might be suffering from.

Easy to use and carry

The portable nature of this machine means that you can carry it easily, no matter where you go. Users can simply place the pads on the muscle that requires stimulation and allow the machine to do the rest. You can easily change the settings on the machine by manoeuvring the dial.

Treats muscle spasms

Muscle knots can happen due to overworking of your muscles. There are many ways to relieve muscle pain, some more helpful than the others. One of the most commonly used method is a Tens machine that helps in reducing tightness surrounding these muscles. These units provide muscle relaxation, thereby treating spasms and knots.

Get the benefits of a massage

Many manufacturers position tens machine as a substitute to massage. These units follow a pulse pattern to provide massage to the user. The intensity levels can be changed from lower to higher, depending upon your requirement.

Retrains your nerve

Nerve damage is the most common reason for loss of movement and pain caused as a result. By using this machine, you can reset your nerves to send and receive the pain signals the way they should and make them function properly.

There are many other benefits of using a tens machine which makes them a popular device amongst sufferers of chronic pain.