Have you often wished to get rid of body hair permanently? In doing so, you must have found that technologies are only able to remove hair for a few weeks, months, or even years at best. Many creams, lotions and other products promise permanent removal of hair, but none of them actually hold true. Home remedies also do not guarantee permanent results, and we already know that waxing and shaving are temporary techniques.

How effective are home lasers?

These days, home lasers have been made available for permanent hair removal at home. Even if they look fancy, they still carry injury risks to the eyes. They are even known to emit some amount of radiation, though it hasn’t been proved as risky yet.

Instead of lasers, there are devices that deploy Intense Pulse Lights (IPL), and those gadgets have been deemed suitable for use. An IPL targets the melanin pigment in your hair to destroy the hair follicle permanently after several light interactions. This has been made possible through a revolutionary light-based device that also comes with an inbuilt skin color detector, to adjust light intensity as per specific type of skin. Not only is this hair removal machine ideal for sensitive areas such as bikini lines, but is also versatile for big areas like arms and legs.

Various advantages of IPL hair removal at home

IPL is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair on the body and face. This treatment is highly beneficial in the following ways:

1) IPL is much less expensive in comparison to laser hair removal in clinics

2) You will not encounter razor burn once you start using these devices. Smooth and silky sin can now be achieved without a razor, which means no much irritated and red skin.

3) There is a lot more privacy here, since no one will get to know what you are doing at home     

4) The time of the day or night does not matter anymore. You can do IPL treatment at absolutely any time, as per your convenience.

5) The entire body can be treated in a matter of minutes, thereby saving you the time of visiting a laser clinic

6) Most users describe the IPL device as being painless, though some do seem to experience tickles

7) The IPL device can focus on certain areas of the body that are hairier than others. If you feel uncomfortable showing such areas to a doctor, the best alternative is to increase the intensity on your device.

8) The LCD Display will be able to show you the remaining flashes, and will also allow control over the power level

Of course, the best IPL device is highly suitable to be used at home. At the same time, if you are someone who literally lives out of a suitcase, you can even carry the device wherever you travel. Since it comes with two cartridges of different pulses, you will not need to replace or refill it ever. Check the instruction manual, which will have specific instructions for different areas of the body.