If you are looking to go months without having to shave, you can order a laser hair removal kit to remove hair on your skin. It is an effective means of causing hair to grow slower and finer than before, and with a kit you can use at home, you would be free to use it at your earliest conveniences.

There is another alternative that you may be aware of called waxing, where a specialist removes body hair manually with force and adhesion. If this is another method you are considering, here is why you should prefer buying a laser hair removal home kit over going to the salon for an occasional waxing.


For a one-time payment, it would be cheaper to get a wax in the body parts you want. For ongoing body hair removal, the laser system would be the better investment. When you go get a wax, you will need to return to the salon every month or two if you want to continue the treatment. These costs add up over the course of months and years, and it could be expensive to continuously wax more than one area of the body.

With laser hair removal at your home, you only pay the upfront costs for the kit, and nothing extra for services. After that, you can use the kit for free at any rate you please. Every week, every month, or anytime you feel you need it, you won’t need to set aside money to remove hair. Please be sure for the laser hair removal kit you buy though that you follow instructions for how the company recommends how often you should use it to avoid possible risks.


Waxing is notorious for causing pain as the hair is being ripped from your follicles. The threshold of pain from waxing varies from person to person, but pain often subsides rather quickly. If this is something that would still irritate you regardless, or you feel uncomfortable expressing pain as the specialist waxes you, it would be wise to choose the laser hair removal for this reason.

Lasers may seem painful at first glance, but most of the ones for medical purposes are completely safe on skin, and this is true for all laser hair removal kits. At their worst, you might just feel a little warmth emitted from the laser, but nothing too serious or what would cause side effects.


Waxing and laser hair removal have a few things in common. One of them is that they both can be performed to others and to one’s self. While you can wax your own body on your own time and save on money, it takes skill and training for you to do it well and to avoid unnecessary pain. If it’s more important for you to remove hair than to learn how to wax like a professional, this might not be worth it for you.

A laser removal kit can be tricky to use at first, but the kit you buy will come with instructions for how to use the equipment. Not only that, but you can learn at your own pace so you can remove your hair for the first time once you feel comfortable doing so.


Both laser hair removal and waxing seem like appealing options to many. Buying a laser hair removal kit for the home, however, comes with many advantages over getting a wax at a salon as well as learning how to wax one’s self. Consider a laser hair removal kit to use at home any time.