IPL hair removal at home has made it easy for anyone to get rid of unwanted hair whenever they feel like it. Now, one doesn’t need to drive down to town to a spa to maintain that flawless-looking skin.
Unwanted or excessive growth of body hair is unhygienic and rather ugly; hence, the need for one to purchase an IPL hair removal device. An  IPL hair removal device is portable and powered by pulses of light and is an effective and straight forward process of getting rid of unwanted hair.  

What are the Types of IPL Hair Removal in the market?

IPL Hair Removal at home is not an issue in the present day as there exist several types of IPL hair removal at home. Different types of IPL hair removal available are suited for a specific kind of hair to be removed as well as the person in question skin type.  

One of the most common types IPL hair removal device at home is the smooth skin muse IPL hair removal device that is effective for getting rid of thin and scanty hair. It’s perfect for people who have a lighter skin colour. The number of light flashing depends on the tone of the skin of the user.

The Iluminage Touch, permanent hair reduction device, is another IPL device in the market and is the first radio-frequency gadget approved to be used on different hair colours and skin tones. The gadget is useful, safe and straightforward to use and are also accompanied by protective glass.

Philips Lumea Prestige is another type of IPL gadget which has four curved detachable heads to be used in different body parts. The gadget has a smart skin sensor that identifies five types of power setting meant for different skin colour. The device is multipurpose, so one can adjust it to suit their hair type.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x uses a similar diode technology used in clinics but applies a weaker intensity. The gadget requires precision and the right concentration in terms of intensity of diode for it to effectively remove hair. Its main demerit, however, is that it is rather time-consuming.

Braun Silk-expert IPL device is used by people with extra sensitive skin. It has gentle settings that are comfortable to the skin. The gadget is one of a kind because it adapts to a power setting of a specific skin tone, so one does not need to change the setting manually.

Remington I-Light Prestige uses a “pro pulse technology” of placing the skin sensor on the base pad to check if the gadget is safe to be used to specific skin colour. In this case, the power setting of your choice can be selected out of five levels by the person in question.


IPL hair removal is devices are the real deal in terms of removing unwanted body hair. The gadgets exist in different types depending on the type of skin to be removed and skin complexion. One should check his or her skin complexion as well as a variety of hair to remove before selecting the best IPL hair removal to use.