When purchasing a TENS machine, you’ll notice that there are a number of pads that come with it, meant to be attached adhesively to the nodes of the tens machine so that they can stick to your body and give it the pain relief that you have been yearning for.  

Depending on the TENS unit that you’re getting, there is a certain number of nodes that it comes with, in addition to how big and what kind of shape they are. Most TENS unit manufacturers choose sizes and shapes so that you can easily replace the pads, whereas other manufacturers make proprietary nodes, designed to make the machine more effective.

How Do I Use TENS Machine Pads?

With a new TENS machine, you will typically get around two to eight pads. Older versions of the TENS machine required you to apply a special glue to stick the nodes to the backs of your pads, but pads today now have their own adhesive backs, so no special material is required to set up your machine for the first time. Simply peel the back off the pad and place the pad onto the node like a sticker.

To stick the nodes onto your body when you want to start feeling relief, place the nodes on or around the area where you feel pain, such as your back or shoulder. For getting the best results, the nodes should be placed in between one to three centimeters apart from one another. Then, turn your machine on as referred to by either your doctor or the machine’s instructions.  

To remove the nodes from your skin after you are done using the TENS machine, peel the node off by the actual node and pad; do not pull them off from the wire, or else you can risk damaging the wire, and thus, the node will no longer work.

How Long Do TENS Machine Pads Last?

The average TENS machine pad can work through hundreds of different applications, but under special circumstances, the life of each pad can actually be shorter than expected.

In order to extend the life of your TENS machine pads, you should at least apply your pads into clean, dry skin each time you use them. We recommend cleaning your skin with soap and water before using your TENS machine.

If you are looking to apply nodes to an area of your body with hair, we also recommend shaving the area before applyingyour nodes onto it. Body hair can affect the lifespan of your pads by causing it to lose adhesion over time.

If the node happens to get wet, it will be because you are sweating or you are using your machine in a humid or damp room. When the pads get moisture, they can also lose their adhesiveness. The number one sign of knowing to replace your TENS machine pad is if they can no longer stick to your body.

Where Can I Buy More TENS Machine Pads?

If you are noticing that your Tens machine pads are starting to lose adhesion, you can buy additional pads online in bulk, so that you have enough pads for your machine to last a handful of years. They are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and quantities, so be mindful of the very product you are purchasing so that they work when you get them.

TENS machine pads need to work well in order to give your body effective pain relief, but the life of these pads will fade over time. Buy more pads when the time comes that they no longer work.