Placing And Using TENS Unit Pads

Electrodes are usually first placed where the greatest pain is felt or, on certain acupuncture points nearest to where the pain is felt.

It is best to try different electrode positions until you find the most comfortable, effective position for you.

Using the chart below, you can locate the most effective points in accordance to your pain condition.

Tips And Tricks For TENS Unit Pads

• Make sure that the skin is clean first before use. The skin has natural oils in it, which can mar the adhesive surface of TENS unit pads. Make sure to clean the area with soap and water where you are planning to apply the pads, and then dry thoroughly before applying the pads.

• Put a thin coat of gel onto the bottom part of each TENS unit pad. This will help get the electronic pulses to the nerves that are located under the skin.

• It helps to put tape over the TENS unit pads. Even if you clean the skin and put a generous amount of adhesive on the electrode, the simple act of moving can dislodge the TENS unit pads. You will increase your chances of having the pads stay on for a longer period of time if you put medical tape over the TENS unit pads to help them stay in place. This is a particularly good tip for individuals who wear the TENS unit pads for an extended period of time and need to move around.

• Make sure to remove the TENS unit pads at least once a day. Some people find TENS therapy so useful that they use it most of the day. Even if you are somebody who wears TENS unit pads for hours at a time, it’s important to take them off at least once a day to check and make sure that the skin underneath them is not red or irritated.

• Make sure to wash the TENS unit pads with soap and water, not alcohol. Alcohol can destroy the lining of the TENS unit pads, which will hinder them from being used in the future.

• If your TENS pads no longer stick, get replacements in our store. While TENS pads can be removed and reused, there comes a certain point where they cannot be reused any longer. If your TENS unit pads no longer stick, try using a new pair and seeing if that works better.

TENS therapy helps millions of people manage their pain in a safe and effective way. If you can follow the above tips and ensure that you are practicing proper maintenance on your TENS pads, you’ll enjoy effective therapy for years and save money along the way.

What If My TENS Pads Don’t Stick?

If you have a tens machine that has self adhesive pads which have lost there stickiness, it is sometimes possible to re-activate the sticky by using a small paint brush and clean tap water.

Paint a little on and the pad all over and allow it to sit for a few minutes, the gel will absorb the water and become sticky again. If you put too much on, then leave the pad in a cool place for a while.

This can be repeated several times so you do not have to buy new pads every time they appear to dry out, although eventually it will cease to work.