Weighted Hula Hoop

At Caremax, your health and wellness are our priority. That’s why we offer such a wide selection of devices, tools and accessories to enhance your wellbeing to the max. Our weighted hula hoops are no exception, designed to boost your exercise regime and level up your core strength. Whether you’re a hula-hooping enthusiast looking to upgrade your equipment or you’re looking for a new way to improve your fitness, we’ve got you covered. Browse now to find the perfect weighted hula hoop in Australia for your at-home sports kit!

What Is a Weighted Hula Hoop?

We all remember the classic hula hoop from our childhood years – a lightweight plastic hoop designed to be spun, flipped and flicked around our waists and beyond. The weighted hula hoop is a new and improved version that’s made specifically for adults. It’s a powerful addition to any gym toolkit and can be used to build core strength, as well as conditioning the rest of the body. While these hoops take the same shape as their predecessors, a weighted hula hoop includes weights to add resistance to any workout. This makes the motion of twirling more impactful, particularly when the hoop is used for a longer duration.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Weighted Hula Hoops.

Wondering why you should invest in a weighted hula hoop? Whether you’re shopping for your own wellbeing or looking for a gym-perfect gift, you’ve come to the right place. Our weighted hula hoops are stocked in Melbourne Australia, designed to offer a comprehensive core-strength cardio workout – all in one session. Through the motion of repetitive twirling, you’ll be able to tone your abdominal muscles, slim down your waist and burn hundreds of calories after only half an hour of use. Currently available in two different styles, our one-size-fits-all hoops can also be purchased in three different weight classes, depending on your level of fitness.

With an ultra-soft foam coating, colour-block design and a massaging option available, you’ll be able to enjoy each and every session in comfort and style.




Do Weighted Hula Hoops Work?

Any kind of exercise is good for the body no matter what your goals are, and weighted hula hoops are no exception. If you’re hoping to tone up, lose weight or enhance your abdominal strength, any kind of hula hooping is a great way to achieve it. Weights within our weighted hula hoops increase the intensity of the activity, demanding more from not only your muscles but your cardiovascular system too. Alongside a healthy balanced diet, you’re bound to see results after using the hoop consistently as part of your exercise routine.


What Are the Benefits of a Weighted Hula Hoop?

There are several benefits to be enjoyed from using a weighted hula hoop, including:

  • Improving aerobic health
  • Burning active calories
  • Reducing overall body fat percentage
  • Increasing core muscle strength and mass
  • Boosting mental health and wellbeing

Can a Weighted Hula Hoop Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, a weighted hula hoop can help you lose weight. Just 30 minutes of weighted hula hooping could burn over 200 calories, an essential part of shedding the pounds. As long as you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet alongside your exercise regime, you’re bound to start seeing results within weeks.


How Does a Weighted Hula Hoop Work?

Weighted hula hoops are super simple yet incredibly effective fitness tools to add to your home gym kit. The circular hoop is filled with small weights, which are then coated in a soft foam exterior. In order to keep the hoop spinning around the waist, you have to rotate your hips in an exaggerated circular motion. This activates the core muscles and functions as a powerful cardiovascular exercise too, improving overall health and wellness.


Does a Weighted Hula Hoop Build Muscle?

Any form of weight training exercise builds muscle, and that includes the weighted hula hoop. When you spin the hoop repetitively around the waist and challenge the core muscles to work harder, you will then build more muscle during the recovery process. The amount of muscle can depend on many factors, including duration, diet and other lifestyle factors. Losing weight as a result of hula hooping will reveal a more muscular aesthetic, especially when fat is lost around the abdominals.