TENS: The proven way to get immediate relief from acute pain

Worried about how you’ll cope with any pain after surgery? Scared that you’ll start to rely on pain medication to get through the day? Acute pain is a normal response after an injury, or some sort of trauma (e.g. broken bone, burn, or cut), or after surgery or medical procedure (e.g. venepuncture or sigmoidoscopy). Acute pain lasts for a short period of time while the body is healing. If the cause of the pain isn’t treated properly, it can evolve into long-term chronic pain.

A TENS machine can provide immediate relief from acute pain and can help treat the underlying problem.




How does a TENS machine provide acute pain relief?

Small pads (electrodes) are put on the skin near the area of pain and non-painful electrical impulses are carried to the brain to block the feeling of pain.

TENS machines have a few dials that can be used to control different levels of pain. This is especially helpful when the amount of pain goes up and down. The user can easily turn the settings up to help get through the episode and then turn the settings back down when the pain isn’t as bad. This gives the person more control and less reliant on a nurse or carer to administer pain medication.

TENS machines can also be used to help prevent the feeling of pain before the event. For example, if a patient with a painful cough feels they’re about to have another coughing episode, they can turn the TENS intensity setting up and prevent feeling any cough-related pain. Most people find they need to set the TENS to a high-frequency pulse range (80 to 120 cycles per second) to get relief from acute pain.


There are lots of scenarios when a TENS machine could help manage acute pain, including:

  • joint replacement surgery
  • ACL repair
  • shoulder surgery
  • bone fractures
  • ankle and Achilles injuries and repairs
  • foot and toe surgery
  • arthroscopic surgery
  • hand and elbow surgery
  • spinal surgery
  • hernia repair and other abdominal surgery

Benefits of using a TENS machine to manage acute pain

  • immediate pain relief
  • drug-free pain management
  • reduced need for pain medications
  • reduced chance of harm and side effects from pain medications
  • faster recovery after surgery and able to bounce back faster
  • user control of the number of small electrical pulses, usually a high frequency setting of around 80 to 120 pulses per second for treating acute pain

Shop today for an affordable TENS machine and get immediate relief from your acute pain.

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