A reliable solution to use at home to kill constant chronic back pain

Are you struggling with chronic pain? Can’t get a good sleep? Feeling tired and frustrated? You are not alone.

Over 3 million Australians live with chronic pain. It can make it hard to work and sleep and do general day-today activities. People over 25 often have some back, shoulder, or neck pain, usually from an injury or due to an illness, or sometimes for no obvious reason. Chronic pain can be hard to treat and hard to explain. It isn’t always possible to know exactly what is causing the pain. Health professionals can help with pain management. Many people also use a TENS machine at home as solution for their pain.




How does a TENS machine help with chronic pain?

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) works by sending non-invasive electrical pulses across the skin and along nerves to the brain to provide drug-free pain relief. The feeling of pain is blocked. TENS machines have pads (electrodes) that are put on the skin near the area of pain. The machine delivers small, non-painful electrical pulses to the pads which disrupt the cycle of pain. Treatment for as little as 30 minutes a few times a day can provide relief from back, shoulder, neck and knee pain.

There are different theories on how TENS relieves chronic pain. One theory explains TENS uses electrical pulses to stimulate nerve fibres that carry signals relating to touch. These signals travel to the spinal cord where they block the transmission of pain sensation to the brain. According to another theory, TENS sends soothing electrical pulses along nerve fibres and suppress pain signals with the release of endorphins (a natural chemical that kills pain) from the brain.

Using a TENS machine won’t cure chronic pain. But it can give temporary pain relief to help you feel better and get on with living your day. TENS machines can be used safely and easily at home and some units are pocket size, so you can have it with you wherever you need.


Benefits of using a CareMax TENS machine for long-term pain

  • drug-free pain management
  • reduced need for pain medications
  • reduced chance of harm and side effects from pain medications
  • reduced chance of opioid dependency
  • portable and pocket size units allow you to wear the device strapped to your leg, back, shoulder, or knee and are barely noticeable under clothing. Wear them while you work and keep moving throughout your day.
  • user control of the number of small electrical pulses, usually a low frequency setting of around 1 to 20 pulses per second for treating chronic pain

Shop today for an affordable TENS machine and get help for your chronic pain.

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