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Conquer your labour pain naturally with a TENS machine

Are you worried about the side effects anaesthetics could have on your baby? Do you want natural pain relief to be part of your labour plan? Pain during labour is complex. It involves physiological, cognitive and psychological factors that varies from woman to woman.

Women can choose how to manage their pain during childbirth and labour with Tens Machine for labour. Some women want to use natural, drug-free options for managing pain because they are worried about anaesthetics, opioids or other analgesics crossing the placenta and potentially affecting their newborn.

Women have been using Tens Machine for labour to provide drug-free pain relief during labour since the 1970s.

Quick Q&A


How does a TENS machine help with labour pain?

A TENS can help provide pain relief from the very beginning of labour. You may still need other forms of pain relief as your labour get stronger.

During labour, electrodes on the TENS machine are most often put on the pregnant woman’s lower back but can also be put on acupuncture points or the cranium. Starting from the lowest setting, the intensity of electrical pain-relieving pulses can be increased as contractions get stronger.

There are different theories on how TENS works to help women cope with labour pain, including,

• the electrical pulses help prevent pain signals reaching the brain

• the pulses stimulate natural endorphins

• it helps women feel more in control and less anxious

• it acts as a distraction from contractions

Benefits of using a TENS machine during labour

• safe for women and their baby

• drug-free pain management

• portable and non-invasive

• gives women more control to manage their labour pain

• easy to use

• helps reduce anxiety

• allows women to move during labour

• can be used for as long as needed and can be taken off at any time

• can be used without any help from an anaesthetist, doctor or midwife

• can be used for a home birth

Shop today for an affordable TENS machine and be ready to help manage labour pain.

Conquer your labour pain naturally with a TENS machine

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