There are many alternatives out there to control labour pains for pregnant women, however, you may not be aware yet of the choices that do not involve any drugs, such as the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine.

What Is A TENS Machine?

TENS therapy has been around since the 1960s, and can be used as pain relief from such causes as injury, sickness, and even labour pains. How a TENS machine works is that a handheld device is used to transfer an electrical current to multiple nodes that are suctioned to the user’s body. This current is meant to be painless and is to relieve users of their pain topically.

For a more detailed explanation, the TENS machine uses these currents to stimulate nerves in your body. While the nervous system sends signals to your brain to give your body a painful sensation, a TENS machine intercepts these pain signals so that you have a reduction of them.

This electrical current can be customized so that you can get the relief you need for your body. You can adjust the strength and frequency of your pulse so that pain big or small, severe or mild, can be controlled. You can also limit the number of nodes you can use if you do not wish to use all of them provided at the same time.

When Is A Good Time for Pregnant Women to Use TENS Machines?

A TENS machine for labour is a viable option for pregnant women who would like giving natural birth but do not want the labour pains that come with it. In fact, the most common usage of TENS machines is to relieve users of back pain during the early stages of pregnancy.

The most effective occasion for a pregnant woman to use a TENS machine, however, is during contractions. TENS machine manufacturers suggest for their products to not be left on continuously during contractions so that users can get the best satisfaction in pain relief.

Since a TENS machine is considered an electronic device, it may not be ideal for any situation involving labour and pregnancy. For instance, if you need to monitor your baby’s heartbeat, there is a chance that it could play a part in the baby’s development for the worse. The opinion of TENS machines used in this period of time, however, varies depending on your doctor.

As of this time, there is not much concrete evidence to demonstrate how impactful TENS machines are for women in labour, but many doctors and midwives support its use in the hospital and the home. Doctors that are familiar with TENS machines, however, suggest that during the early stages of labour, TENS machines cause the body to increase the production of endorphins, which limits how much pain a person feels.

What Else Should I Know About TENS Machines and Pregnancy?

There are a select number of things to be aware of when using TENS machines too, and they are as follows:

TENS machines do not completely relive one of labour pains. They can reduce pain, but not eliminate it entirely.

Considering that there are nodes that need to be suctioned to your back, your partner may not be able to perform any special labour massages.

If you have a pacemaker, epilepsy, or a heart rhythm problem, ask your doctor if you should use a TENS machine.

TENS machines do a great job to remove nagging pains that come with pregnancy, so consider purchasing one for your contractions and other stages of pregnancy.