Speed up wound healing with a TENS machine

Do you have a wound that’s taking a long time to heal? Worried about getting an infection while your wound is healing? Wounds can be painful while they are healing and caring for an open wound e.g. changing a dressing can cause severe pain. Some health conditions such as diabetes can slow down the healing process. Pain can make it harder to take care of a wound and can also slow down the healing process.

A TENS machine can provide pain relief and speed up wound healing.




How does a TENS machine promote wound healing and reduce inflammation?

A painful wound heals more slowly due to higher levels of adrenalin in the body. A TENS machine helps reduce pain, lower adrenalin levels and stimulate blood circulation. This helps the wound to heal faster.

A TENS machine can be used up to 30 minutes a few times a day to help manage wound pain. Simply put the electrodes on the sides of the wound, leaving any bandages in place, and start in the high frequency range and slowly increase the setting.

For open wounds, treatment with a TENS unit can be given about 20 minutes before changing a dressing. Wound care will then be less painful, allowing more thorough care, decreased infection and better wound healing.


Benefits of using a TENS machine for wound healing

  • drug-free pain management
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • faster wound healing
  • reduced need for pain medications
  • reduced chance of harm and side effects from pain medications

Shop today for an affordable TENS machine and help your wound heal faster.

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