TENS Electrode Pads & Accessories


TENS Electrode Pads & Accessories

TENS Machines are a powerful option for on-the-go pain management, particularly for those suffering from chronic or unpredictable conditions. They’re also used as a form of pain relief in the early stages of labour or to tackle musculoskeletal and joint-related injuries. While they’re a prevalent option for quelling a variety of symptoms, in order to operate effectively, they require high-quality TENS electrode pads and accessories.

The machines are often fuelled by battery-powered electricity, but it’s the electrodes that connect the device to the human body to provide pain relief. Available in the form of TENS electrode pads, they are attached to the skin and deliver electrical impulses. As a result, the user will feel a slight tingling sensation – a sign that demonstrates the TENS machine is doing its job. There are also a whole host of other accessories which can increase the functionality and impact of TENS machine use, available to purchase at Caremax.


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Everything to Know About Our TENS Machine Accessories

If you’re wondering which TENS machine accessories you should add to your toolkit, you’ve come to the right place. At Caremax, we stock a wide selection of TENS electrode pads, as well as conductive clothing, incontinence training accessories and other TENS essentials.


What Are TENS Electrode Pads?

TENS machines work to achieve effective pain relief by delivering electrical impulses to a target area of the body. This is made possible by TENS electrode pads which attach temporarily to the skin, either through a pre-existing adhesive gel or additional medical tape. Since the pads are small, flat and bandage-like, they’re incredibly comfortable to wear and can be reused for up to 30 treatments. TENS electrode pads are usually shaped like a square or rectangle and should always be applied to a clean, dry and wound-free area of the body.


What Is Conductive Clothing?

Since TENS machines work by delivering electrical impulses to the body, conduction is essential. While the pads and skin are a naturally conductive duo, this isn’t always an effective option for areas of the body where movement is likely. For example, if a TENS machine is used to achieve pain relief in the hands, wrists, knees or ankles, a TENS electrode pad might not be the best option. TENS conductive clothing can be used as a solution. They’re form-fitting and stay close to the skin, even at times of movement. An electrode pad can be placed nearby instead, and the garment will carry out targeted conduction after being sprayed with conductive spray or water.


What Are Incontinence Training Accessories?

Incontinence can be a debilitating condition, most often caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles. With the right training accessories, a TENS machine can be used to restrengthen these muscles and restore normal function. Ideal for those who can’t carry out manual pelvic strengthening exercises, these accessories apply direct electrical stimulation to the motor nerves and nerve fibres. Repeated stimulation helps to retrain damaged muscles, in time reducing or resolving problems of incontinence.


What Other TENS Machine Accessories Are There?

Since these innovative machines are used to achieve pain relief in a whole range of situations and scenarios, TENS machine accessories can be purchased to enhance their use. At Caremax, we’re pleased to offer replacement wires, adapters for conductive garments and carry cases to keep your machine protected on-the-go. We also stock conductive massage gel, self-adhesive bandage tapes, and alcohol wipes to clean your TENS machine thoroughly between uses.




How Often Should You Replace TENS Electrode Pads?

TENS electrode pads can be used up to 20-30 times before they need replacing, as long as they’re cared for properly by following the instructions provided. Depending on how often you use the machine, they could last for several months at a time.


How Do You Clean TENS Electrode Pads?

TENS electrode pads lose their stickiness over time as a result of body oils and other transient forms of debris. To increase their lifespan, it’s important to keep them clean by gently wiping them down after use with a damp cloth. Storing them in a clean, dry and dust-free location such as a TENS machine carry case will also help them to last longer.


Why Do You Need Conductive Clothing for TENS or EMS Machines?

While conductive clothing isn’t a necessity for effective TENS or EMS machine use, it can make the process of treatment more successful when hard-to-reach or movement prone areas are involved. For example, when treating the lower back or a joint like the knee, placing adhesive electrode pads can be difficult. Conductive garments provide comprehensive delivery of electrical impulses to a specific area, often felt through a warming sensation. They’re sturdy, durable and incredibly useful, especially if you want to make the most of your TENS machine’s potential. Some of the most popular options include conductive socks, gloves, sleeves and back garments – form-fitted and ideal for regular use.

Conductive clothing isn’t limited to TENS machine use either. In fact, these handy garments can be used for all types of electrotherapy, including EMS, IF and Microcurrent treatment. At Caremax, we stock a wide selection of conductive garments to meet your pain-relief requirements.


What To Do If Your TENS Machine Wires Break?

While our TENS machines and their accessories are incredibly high-quality, breakages can happen after an extended period of use, particularly if you use your machine on-the-go. If your TENS machine wires break, head to Caremax and order a replacement set to continue enjoying its many benefits.


How Does a TENS Machine Help With Incontinence Training?

Incontinence is a debilitating condition caused most often by weakened muscles in the pelvic floor. While manual exercises can be used to retrain and strengthen these muscles, it isn’t always a possibility for everyone. Instead, a TENS machine can be used to deliver electrical impulses, recreating the effects of physical movement. This works by triggering stimulation of the motor nerves and nerve fibres, which over time can return damaged muscles to a functioning state. In order to achieve notable results, it’s important to use the TENS machine with the right accessories over a long period of time. If you’re unsure of how long is the right duration for your body, speak to your healthcare professional for a care plan that’s tailored to you.