What is a Weighted Hoop?


The humble hula-hoop has long been a piece of popular exercise equipment for everyone of all shapes or sizes. Additionally, exercising with hoops is a fantastic workout option for any setting, including playgrounds, gyms, parks or even at home.

Traditionally, working out with a hula hoop involves looping the hoop continuously around the waist. This constant motion targets the core and abdomen (plus the whole body) to activate, strengthen and tone the surrounding muscles.

However, the weighted hoop revolutionises this traditional approach with a soft EVA foam coating. The extra weight from the coating creates a heavier hoop to shred and burn the muscle even more. Ranging between 1.2kg to 2.3kg, using the weighted hoop benefits everyone, from beginners to advanced hoopers.

Like adding more weights to a barbell, the weighted hoop offers a more challenging workout. However, unlike the heavyweights in the gym, hooping is lighter and safer for the body. The weighted hoop is the perfect tool for supercharging your health and fitness.



Do Weighted Hoops Work?

Weighted hoops can be used for many purposes. They have a whole range of uses which is beneficial for people looking to boost multiple areas of health, fitness and wellbeing. Scientific studies have proven the benefits of weighted hoops. Find out in the sections below to see what the research says and how weighted hoops can positively change your life.

  • Weight Loss

Been struggling to lose those love handles? Looking to melt that extra belly fat away? The continuous motion of the weight hooped is perfect for burning your excess calories.


Research from the University of Wisconsin shows that using unweighted hoops burns 210 calories in just 30 minutes [1]. Walking at an above average pace in a similar population only burns 165 calories. Amazingly, this is just using UNWEIGHTED hoops. Weighted hoops are even a more effective way to sculpt your body.


In a study conducted by the godfather of spinal health, Dr Stuart McGill, it took only six weeks of using a weighted hoop to shed 3.4cm away from the waist [2]. Compared to walking, another study showed that weighted hoops were more than four times more effective for losing abdominal belly size [3].


Hooping offers a perfect aerobic workout within the comforts of your own home. Rather than making time for a long walk outdoors, grab your weighted hoop and start moving. In fact, the science shows that hooping is an even better alternative - if you're interested in getting rid of your stubborn belly fat.

  • Building Muscle

But wait, there’s more! The weighted hoop is more than a tool for an aerobic workout. The heaviness from the hoops also helps build muscular strength and endurance around the core region.

The 360-circular motion of the hoops helps target all the major muscle groups, particularly around the abdomen - including the rectus abdominis, erector spinae, obliques and more. Additionally, the heaviness from the weighted hoop offers a greater stimulus for building muscle around the core.

A study published by The European Journal of Obesity highlighted that exercising with a weighted hoop significantly increased muscle mass around the abdomen compared to walking [3]. Unleash your true fitness potential by gaining muscle while slimming the waistline - at the same time.


Top Benefits of Using a Weighted Hoop


  • Burns calories

As discussed earlier, the weighted hoop is a perfect tool for anyone looking to burn a few calories. By burning AT LEAST 210 calories per 30 minutes, the weighted hoop is a more effective and fun way of melting away your calories.

See how the weighted hoop stacks against other popular forms of exercise (according to Harvard):


Calories Burnt per 30 Minutes


107 - 159 calories

Weight lifting

90 - 126 calories


120 - 168 calories


180 - 252 calories


240 - 336 calories


180 - 252 calories

When adjusting for the population used in the study by the University of Wisconsin [1]. Exercising with a weighted hoop is comparable to swimming and jogging for 30 minutes. It is superior for burning calories when compared to weight lifting, walking and yoga. Some may even speculate that it could be as effective as running!

Forget about expensive gym memberships or the uncertainty of outdoor weather, you can hoop away your calories - anytime and anywhere.


  • Reduces abdominal, waist, and hip fat

There’s no secret to slimming down, having a smaller waistline or sculpting your six-pack abs. You need to decrease your abdominal, waist and hip fat! Fortunately, science shows that using weighted hoops could be the answer.

Hooping burns calories, but it also helps eliminate the stubborn fat around your midsection. According to recent studies, it took only six weeks to reduce the waist circumference by 3.1-3.4cm [2][3]. Dr Stuart McGill's research team also found that weighted hoops significantly reduced hip size.


  • Increases Core strength

The 360-degree continuous motion of the weighted hoop helps increase all around core strength. Each and every muscle (particularly around the core) must be activated throughout each cycle of hoop movement. According to data from a European study [3], six weeks of weighted hoop exercises showed significantly increased muscular development around the core compared to walking.


  • Decreases cholesterol

The purpose of the weighted hoop is more than just looking and feeling better. It has also been shown to decrease cholesterol, which is essential for reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and early death.


With just six weeks of weighted hooping, participants showed a significant drop in their cholesterol [3]. It was also shown to be significantly more effective than walking in lowering cholesterol.


Lowering cholesterol may be attributed to the hybrid aerobic and strengthening properties of exercising with a weighted hoop. 


How to use a weighted hula hoop

There are many ways to exercise with a weighted hula hoop. As with an unweighted hula hoop, you need to continuously spin the hoop around the torso and by making contact with the body.


Make sure to push in the opposite direction when the hoop touches the body. For example, if the hoop contacts the belly, be sure to push forwards. In the beginning, you may need to make bigger movements to get it going.


You want to keep the hoop circling the body continuously until the workout has finished for a complete workout.


Check out this beginner hula hoop dance tutorial from an instructor for more information.


 Safety tips

Generally, exercising with a weighted hoop is low impact and well-tolerated by users. There are some tips to watch out for to help prevent injuries like any fitness equipment.

  • Use your core

For most intermediate and beginners, try to keep the weighted hoop around the waist. Avoid hooping around more vulnerable areas, such as the wrist and neck (at least initially). To keep the hoop around the waist, make sure you feel the muscle around the abdomen and core tighten and engage.

While other muscles (e.g. hip, arms, etc.) are required for hooping, you should not feel one specific area working harder than others. If you experience pain, stop immediately and consult a health professional.

  • Start slow

While the hoop needs to be at a certain speed, avoid going too quickly. Always pace yourself, especially if you are a beginner. While it may be tempting to hoop all the time, always see how your body feels after a session and progress gradually.

  • Use open space

Whether you're using your weighted hoop in a group or solo setting, always make sure there is open space. Be aware of your surroundings to avoid injury. Keep more than one hoop's diameter distance from the nearest object and/or person/animal.


Get started hooping

There are just too many weighted hoop benefits to ignore! Whether you're looking to trim your waistline, develop core strength or prevent heart disease, the weighted hoop could be your answer.

Beginners to advanced alike can experience the benefits of weighted hoops. With various shapes and sizes, there's a hoop suitable for anyone and anywhere.

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